Pre-Registration for OP Client Photography

In order to better serve the riders at the horse shows that I am the OP, I am implementing a pre-registration for show photo coverage. This will help insure that riders who want me to photograph them, get photographed.

I want to make sure that I am dedicating my time at the show and afterwards to those riders who want photos. This will also help get photos edited and posted faster since I won't be sorting through images and edited images of riders who don't want them or are being photographed by someone else.

The cost to pre-register is $5. This will put you as a priority to photograph. The goal will be to photograph all divisions that you ride in, but I will do my best to photograph at least one division on one day of the show. You can put your preferences on what division that is on the questionnaire. If for some reason I do not photograph your division, I will refund your $5. This is only if I do not PHOTOGRAPH you.

Riders who do not pre-register will be photographed if/when time allows and there will be no guarantee that those riders are photographed.

***Please note: I will not photograph riders that I know are being photographed by other photographers or the OP at shows that I am not the OP without a pre-registration. I will also not photograph any riders that have parents or family members that are taking photos with any camera that is not a phone OR of any rider that has any person taking video and/or photos INSIDE the arena***

*All requested photography is first come, first serve. If I cannot meet your time slot, you will be notified prior to the show. Sign up now to reserve your spot on the schedule! 

**Please note that if you do not ride at your ride time, I cannot guarantee availability. I will do our absolute best to get to as many riders as possible!



Digitals Price List

*Great for posting on Social Media, Advertising your horse for sale or other Web use. 

1 Digital Image - $15.00

1 High Res Digital - $25.00

5 Digital Images (low res) - $50.00

5 Digital Images (high res) - $100.00

10 Digital Images (low res) - $100.00 

10 Digital Images (high res) - $175.00 

All your Digital Images (Per horse – Per Show)                  $350.00

*please remember the $5 sign-up fee comes off one (1) of the digital images, the others purchased will be normal priced*

Please send the $100 along with the $5 signup fee.

I understand these photographs are copyrighted, and all rights are retained by CEP. I may not copy them in any way, INCLUDING SCREEN SHOTS, or send photos to publications or electronic media unless written permission is granted by CEP. I agree that CEP may submit photos that depict myself and my horse in a flattering manner for editorial use, or to promote equestrian sport, without compensation to me.

Signup Fee:

Booking your ride costs just $5 and comes off the price final price. The signup fee can be refunded or rolled over if you need to scratch or arenas run late. This signup fee will be applied towards coverage option, and taken off your final balance.

Once you submit your signup form, please Venmo your $5 booking fee. Put your name, rider number, and horse name in the description when you submit.

Booking guarantees priority coverage, priority upload after the show, and priority editing once you place your order.

If you do not have Venmo you can use Facebook Pay, or I can send you a quickbooks invoice which allows you to use your credit card. You can also meet me out and do CASH.

Sign up for gallery notifications


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Why should I sign up in advance?

Signing up early makes sure we cover you and your horse(s) ride times.

Is the entire show covered?

Yes! If CEP is the OP of a show we will capture the entire show.

That being said, signups are always given a little bit of extra attention when I know you want photos. Especially if you want a specific shot.

How will I receive my photos?

All pre-registered clients will receive direct email notification with access to your proofs or digital downloads in a personalized online gallery. No hunting for your photos in a large gallery- they're all pre-sorted!