Mini Sessions

I know this is a busy time of year, and sometimes it's a challenge to get the family together for a session... but I believe these photos are SO important to capture this season of your family's life.

Whether you're a young a couple, a growing family, or a graduating senior, these seasons are fleeting—the years go by so fast, and you'll want to have professional photography to capture these moments!

What Is A Mini-Session? (And What ISN’T)


Mini sessions are a special offer which happen on just one or two days in each of the less chilly seasons in the year: Spring, Summer & Autumn. 

Locations are carefully chosen for their good light, seasonal scenery & they’ll be easy for even the littlest of legs to walk to. Exact location info is given 2-3 days prior to the session as some of my most special locations are privately owned. A mini session is suitable for up to 5 family members.

Here’s a little overview:

A Mini-Session IS…

  • 15 minutes long
  • Stacked in a specific time block
  • At a location that THE PHOTOGRAPHER chooses
  • On a date that THE PHOTOGRAPHER chooses
  • Includes 5 images

A Mini-Session is NOT…

  • Longer than 20 minutes
  • A stand-alone session
  • At a location that THE CLIENT chooses
  • On a date that THE CLIENT chooses
  • 10+ images included


There really are a lot of reasons that a mini session might be a good fit for your family, as opposed to a signature session. Below are just a few of the possible scenarios.

  1. You’ve recently had family photos taken and just need a quick update.
  2. Your kids’ school photos just aren’t cutting it.
  3. You’ve never used Clabough’s Entertainment & Photography before and are looking to give us a shot!
  4. You’ve been warned that kids grow up fast but wow! Let’s get some photos quick before they change again!!!
  5. You want the premium Clabough’s Entertainment & Photography quality but are looking for something simple.
  6. You’ve been hoping to work with Clabough’s Entertainment & Photography but a full signature session is just outside the budget right now.
  7. For all of these reasons and more, we’ve created mini sessions as a great alternative for our clients. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Popup Mini

Popup Mini Sessions are sessions offered at a predetermined location, with a specific date and set time slots. These are offered throughout the year. Examples: Spring Minis, Fourth of July Minis, Christmas Minis, etc.


Investment: $100 + Tennessee Sales Tax

Session Length: 15 minutes

What You’ll Get: 5 Images in an Online Gallery with a Print Release

*Please remember these are private veneus/locations; we will send an address via email to the predetermined location to protect the privacy of the locations owners. We will list Popup Minis on our Facebook Page and below*

Reserve Your Spot

1. Fill out the form to the right.

2. Click on the date you would like to reserve, please know that only predetermined dates will be available.

3. Once all your information is filled out click Schedule Event.

4. You'll then receive an email with time slots to select from, and your preferred payment method (if quickbooks this invoice will be emailed immediately after your time slot is selected; if venmo this is linked below).

Full amount is due to reserve your session time. Sessions are non-refundable.

Popup Mini- sessions offered on specific dates with specific times at a predetermined location

Terms & Conditions

  • Sessions are non refundable.
  • All weather shoots unless there is severe wind, snow, or rain… cancellation sent by Brittany via email or text the morning of our shoot. Be sure we have your current cell number and an email address you can check on the go.
  • Popup Minis are 15 minutes MAXIMUM.  We request that clients arrive 5-10 minutes early as not to be late for the shoot. Clabough’s Entertainment & Photography is not responsible for missed sessions and will not be able to extend the session if clients are late.
  • Mini sessions are not inclusive of newborns or groups over five people (No Exceptions). Please do not bring anyone “extra” to be in photographs outside your immediate family. Mini Sessions are too quick for large groups or big families (5 or more children) and clients should schedule a regular session for these situations. Please discuss any special circumstances with Clabough’s Entertainment & Photography prior to booking so we can choose the perfect session for you!
  • 3-5 day turnaround time is typical. Your session must be before December 16th to get your images back for in time for the Christmas holiday (unless otherwise noted ) if booking one of our Christmas Minis.
  • Use of other cameras, including cell phones are not permitted during your session time. It can be confusing for little ones to know which camera to be looking at.
  • Printing: We do not currently offer printing services at this time. We recommend Vistprint.
  • Editing: For mini shoots, expect to see a mix of color and black & white images in your online gallery. If you would like to purchase a colored image as black & white or vice versa please email me or text me directly. These are $15 each re-edited image. No background changes, etc will be done.

Location and Fees

  • Popup Mini sessions are held on specific days at a specific location of Clabough’s Entertainment & Photography’s choice. These vary throughout the year.
  • Our mini session sitting fee is $100+ tax (sessions are scheduled back to back), one setting as a backdrop, custom editing, and processing of your photographs resulting in a viewing gallery of pre-stated finished images. These are perfect if you want a quick family session for the holidays.
  • Payment is due in full at the time of booking to reserve your session.
  • Choice of time slot for Popup Minis is given to clients on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not hold your preferred time spot until we receive payment.

What can I expect?

I bring two cameras and use what is on site. I shoot in whatever weather we have, short of ongoing rain, snow or aggressive wind. I do not bring studio equipment, additional lenses, reflectors or backdrops. I also don’t bring props but you are more than welcome to. My style is to suggest poses and shoot as the groupings come together naturally. I encourage you to interact with each other and occasionally look my way. I will shoot and move to a new spot to give you some variety and keep the kids engaged.

Where am I going for a Popup Mini?

An exact location map will be emailed to you the week prior to your mini shoot. This is so I can walk the site and make sure there is no last minute construction or unpublished event at the location. I also do not publish the exact sites so that we can keep some of these gems just for us. Most locations are natural backdrops but some are industrial, urban/city, country, or a mix of things.

How many images can I expect?

Popup Minis - 5 images in your image set.
How many images you get will largely depend on how your session goes and what images turn out. Each one is different.

What should I bring?

Often you need nothing at all! Should you want to bring things, bring only items you can carry or put in a stroller, we will shoot and move. Wipes, drinks, snacks, noise makers. Some spots will involve you leaving the stroller and walking. The most successful sessions are the ones that we KEEP SIMPLE. Time will fly by and stuff management is a huge part of it.

What if my kid (or animal) does not do well?

Once again, communicate your priorities, if your child falls apart, it is good to know what you want most so I can focus on that right away. Manage your expectations, not every Mini Shoot is going to be amazing. If your children struggle and your mini shoot does not go as well as you had hoped, please don’t give up. Sometimes it takes the full 20 minutes to get your children into it and then we are done. Sometimes it takes more than one session for them to get into the rhythm of the mini shoot and get used to me. Time of year, weather, what they are wearing, how well rested and fed they are…it all matters.

What if I AM running late?

I think it will be OK, but try not to. Sessions are booked back to back all day and any delay will cut into your time. It is best to arrive early, get situated and be ready before your time so you are in a relaxed mood, you would not believe how quickly 20 minutes can pass! Sessions are non refundable and are not rescheduled due to punctuality.

What if I need to cancel?

Due to the high demand of mini sessions, all payments are non-refundable. However, if you become unable to attend your session and would like to gift your session to a friend or family member instead, you are welcome to do so.

What happens after my session is over?

I make some photographer chosen edits and then images are uploaded to your online gallery. Typical turn around time is 3-5 days.

What happens when I arrive?

You will first sign a simple contract/model release, I will ask you a few questions and then we will start.

What happens if it is bad weather on shoot day?

If there is questionable weather please check your email or phone in the morning, if there is NO email or text from me assume we are still shooting. Please reply saying you received the email. I will cancel for severe wind, ongoing snow or rain. Make sure I have your cell phone number in case of a last minute cancellation. Fast moving storms happen and occasionally I have to cancel on-location. In that instance I will try to text you and follow up later with an email. Please know my goal is to shoot but I don’t want to ruin my equipment. Should the day be overcast and cold, the shoot is still a go (this is great for lighting). I will give you an opportunity to reschedule, put your fee towards another session type or refund your money.

Do you edit the images?

Yes. I make a few passes to edit the color, crop, composition and sometimes add natural filters. A select few might end up black and white. Because of the reduced rate, I do not open photoshop to do any detailed retouching for mini shoots.

What if I only need one shot for a headshot?

Great. We have up to 20 minutes but can stop after one photo if you like.

Can I take pictures during the mini shoot?

This seems obvious but, NO. Do not take pictures while I am taking pictures. People, especially cute young, little people, do not know where to look and it takes away from your mini shoot. You will get the images so there is no need to do this and it will largely take away from what you have already paid for.

What forms of payment does Clabough's Entertainment & Photography take?

We use the Quickbooks payment processing system for online bookings. You will receive an email as soon as you book with an invoice for payment. Should you need or prefer to pay with venmo (please Venmo as soon as you book), check (MUST clear within 3-5 business days; $30 return fee will be added to your session for all returned checks) or cash (MUST be local and MUST pay within 3 days of booking), please verify in the form above and let me know and I can add you from my end when payment is received.


For Clients wishing to use Venmo; please remember session fees + tax will be listed under each Mini-Session / Popup Mini-Sessions offered.